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55th Anniversary of Rocket Space Complex

    On 26 August 2001 the Koroliov Rocket Space Corporation (RSC) ENERGIA celebrated its 55th anniversary. On the occasion of the celebrations the president of the corporation, academician Yury Semionov made the following speech.


    Our team was participating in the creation of the home space technology as well as of the world space flight science. Beginning from the date of its foundation the enterprise, which incorporates several departments from Section 3 till Koroliov RSC ENERGIA, has been remaining one of the widely avowed leaders in this high-technology sphere of human activity. On 26 August, 2001, we celebrate our 55th anniversary and we are proud of the achievement attained 40 years ago at which time we had prepared and realized the flights of the first Earth's envoys into Space - Yury Alekseevich Gagarin and German Stepanovitch Titov. All the past years have been a difficult and a very significant mastering of space technologies and assimilating of new knowledge and experience. The results obtained and the findings gained are of great importance today for the world community in realization of a new long-term space project aimed at the International Space Station work. The success achieved became possible owing to maintaining traditions which were laid by the founder of our enterprise, Sergei Pavlovitch KOROLIOV. The traditions imply the greatest safety and reliability of rocket and space technique, all-round approach to solving the most intricate scientific and engineering problems, quest of new ways, creative efforts of people, their high responsibility, and keeping the main stream line. It is the adherence to traditions that provided outstanding achievements and recognition of the Corporation as a leading enterprise in the world in all areas connected with space technologies: creation and employment of piloted space devices, transport means of launching vehicles into space, different specialized satellite complexes, introduction of space technologies into production of everyday items. The past 5-year period was the most difficult for our enterprise. For this period, 1996 - 2001, our Corporation was gradually, step by step, accomplishing its engagements toward the State and foreign partners, investments being permanently insufficient. All the achievements have been realized owing to the selfless labour of our collaborators who have got enormous experience in getting over troubles and solving complicated problems. There were developed and effectuated many large scale space projects, among them the universal space rocket-transport system ENERGIA - BURAN, space rocket complex MORSKOI START ("see start"), Salut-kind orbital stations, and, finally, the unique orbital complex MIR. For the unprecedented 15 years of its employment, MIR became an internationale scientific laboratory and a workshop of high-skilled personnel, not only for the Russian space rocket industry but also for a number of other countries. Successful developments of our enterprise were born and supported owing to participation of many thousands of workers employed in many adjacent enterprises of the branch. They have been making a significant contribution into designing, working out, testing and using both the space rocket-technology and production of wide everyday profile. On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Corporation I would like to express, on behalf of the enterprise leaders, the earnest gratitude to all our collaborators and workers of adjacent institutions. All of them, while working in time of political and economical perturbations of the past period, have always been so tolerant and prone to understanding problems of technological and financial character.

    On this momentous day I would like to thank sincerely all friends and comrades for the labour, creative quest and solving the most intricate practical tasks, concerning not only science, technology and production; financial part, economics, safety and security; ensuring with personnel, safe keeping of intellectual privacy; but also areas of building, medical and social spheres. I wish all the workers of the enterprise and dear veterans be strong, healthy and happy; have great success in their creative work and financial prosperity; be lucky in overcoming problems and troubles of the current period. I congratulate you with the momentous 55th anniversary which is so significant not only for our collective body but also for everybody who is making efforts to maintain piloted spacetechnique in Russia! Let the most audacious projects of our illustrious team, RSC ENERGIA named after S.P.Koroliov, be realized in the name of human progress!

    The President of Koroliov RSC ENERGIA,
    General Designer, RAS academician

    The day before the celebration, RSC ENERGIA was visited by the plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the Central Federal region, G.S.Poltavchenko, accompanied by an escort. The visit was aimed at investiture of government awards and honorary medals to a large number of the Corporation workers. According to decrees of Russian Federation President, V.V.Putin, they were awarded for their long-term honest labour and great contribution in constructing and launching service module ZVEZDA ("star") assigned for the International Space Station (ISS). At the procedure of award investiture to the leading specialists and officials working at the Main Designing Bureau and at the experimental industrial works there were also the General Director of "Rosaviakosmoc" Yu.N.Koptev, the mayor of the town of Koroliov A.F.Morozenko, the representatives of the Moscow region governor and of the Administration of the town of Koroliov. 44 people were rewarded, among them one RSC ENERGIA member received the Forth Class order "For the service before the Fatherland", three people - the order of Honour, three - the order of Friedship, sixteen - the First and the Second Class medals "For the service before the Fatherland", one - the token "Honoured economist of the Russian Federation", four - the token "Honoured designer of the Russian Federation", sixteen - the token "Honoured industrial engineer of the Russian Federation". In his opening address G.S.Poltavchenko, a representative of the Russian president, appreciated highly the work of the enterprise specialists, those participating in ISS development including. After the rewarding ceremony there was a greeting of A.G.Gonchar, the deputy minister for industry of the Moscow region, on behalf of the Moscow region governor B.V.Gromov. He congratulated those who received awards, as well ashe whole collective body of the enterprise, with the 55th anniversary and presented a diploma to the Corporation president Yu.P.Semionov and a memorable present to the RSC ENERGIA collective body.

    Photos from the Buran site

    Space News from Alexander Zheleznyakov

    Transleated by Nataliya Lipunova


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